I’m going to be just like my pop. Cause I go to art class with Miss Michelle. It’s the best art class in the world … my favourite thing is painting with the spray guns, painting outside. They are very cool.
Koby, 3 yrs

Marbles painting is my favourite because the marbles fly around SO FAST…
Zack 2 ½ yrs 

I have to say that I love Friday mornings, the boys are already to race out the door singing they have art class to my older kids. The excitement is so cute. When we are there it’s funny with the music in the background playing, they seem to be taken away into their own little imagery world, painting and working with clay. Then we go outside with their favourites like spray painting on the big easels and marble painting. We all walk out with coloured hands knowing we had fun….
Jane, mother of 3 young artists

I love rolling the paintballs outside and I love spraying the paint and it goes SPLAT!!!
Edward, 2 yrs

Every time we drive past the Tramshed, Seraphina points out her” art school! Seraphina lives and dreams art classes!

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